Right sided acute subdural hematoma with mass effect.

An Event to remember .

My brother  Mohammed Nasimudheen K. T. 26 years old electrician from Androth Lakshadweep who was trying to install a fan on 14/05/2020 had a fall as the ladder he was on ,skidded. He lost his consciousness and injury sustained to head with a large bleeding wound behind his left ear. He was taken to local hospital. As his condition was getting worse and he continued to be in comatose stage. He was air lifted from Lakshadweep into government assisted air ambulance. The next day on 15/05/2020 at 11am he reached VPS Lakeshore hospital Kochi where he was connected to ventilator in view of comatose stage. His CT brain showed right sided acute subdural hematoma with mass effect (severe brain swelling). Patient was taken for decompressive craniectomy and acute hematoma evacuation. Patient was on ventilator  for five days. Later he showed gradual improvement in his condition and was weaned off from ventilator. After one month patient started walking and was taken for cranioplasty (placement of bone flap) and tracheostomy closure. Patient was discharged on 02/07/2020. Now patient is fully recovered and  ready to get back to his work.

Timely intervention with the help of local treating Doctor at Lakshadweep , Government sponsored air ambulance, Neurosurgical intervention at VPS Lakeshore hospital, proper rehabilitation has made it possible for my brother to get back to his work.

We the family member extend our Sincere thanks to VPS lakeshore hospital , Dr Sudish karunakaran and his neurosurgery team ,       coordinator Mr Vahab and physiotherapy dept  for the care .


Mohammed salim

Brother of Mohd Naseemudeen .

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